No CSS Club

The modern web is literally Satan and will probably eat your first-born child if we don't do anything about it, and quick! (had to increase the hyperbolism from the other websites; interestingly, the NoJS Club, which until now has arguably been the most radical of *.clubs, does not have much hyperbole, which really is a shame).

To do what the Web was initally intended for (that is, make information accessible via the Internet), all you need is to serve HTML documents. If you need "style" that just means you're trying to cover up your lack of interesting information.

Have *.club websites gone too far? Yes. If the author's own personal website doesn't qualify for the list, that's a good sign of having gone too far. That being said, please submit websites, your own or just interesting ones you like, if they qualify for the rules below.

The Rules:

  1. No CSS (linked or in a style tag).
  2. No style attributes.
  3. No JavaScript.


Email me with "[NoCSS] submitted URL" in the subject line. If submitting multiple websites, you can list them in the body instead. Feel free to include a short description, personal anecdote, or joke in the email body as well. Make sure your email is sent as text/plain, otherwise I will personally judge you.

The List: